LALI London was established to bring beautiful, well fitted clothes to people of all shapes and sizes. We believe in the power of clothing to; empower, change narratives, tell stories and celebrate cultures.  


Our designs are inspired by classic couture and the timeless 30's - 50's era. They are infused with the vibrancy of Afro-Caribbean cultures and cosmopolitan flair of London city. We champion elegance and sophistication as pillars of our brand image and story. 


We are named after the historical city of LALIBELA, Ethiopia. The African continent with it's history, majestic architectural feats, languages, cultures, natural beauty, sounds and people has continued to influence the entire world throughout millennia.

Ethiopia is haled as one of the African continent's treasures and LALIBELA reflects the story of history, timelessness and royalty that we seek to portray through our designs. It is a constant reminder of our long term vision to become a platform and tangible force of advocacy and social development throughout the world. 


We provide a full alterations service for all clothing. Whether it's a hem that needs taking up or a garment that needs letting out we're here to help. Our experienced seamstresses and tailors will ensure a quick turnaround for all of your alteration needs. 



We understand that sometimes you need an amazing outfit at the last minute. Our express service is perfect for clients who are looking for amazing, unique pieces but for whom time is of the essence. For more information on express orders simply contact us today or mention it at your consultation.